Welcome to Wayne RESA's Moodle Site

This Moodle site is designed to support work coordinated by Wayne RESA consultants. Wayne RESA school districts have their own Moodle sites to use with their students/staff and each district has its own unique Moodle site. Please contact your district Moodle administrator to get started with your own Moodle course to use within your building/district.  To view/install available Moodle courses, visit the REMC Moodle Hub. Moodle away!!

To see how you can preview courses by logging in as a guest, please watch this short video.


If you are interested in getting started with Moodle, please email Jason Siko at sikoj at resa.net

For technical support or to report problems, email moodle.support@resa.net or visit moodle.resa.net/support.

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