United States History 

Dr. Lewis

We are not alone! We live in a world of individuals, communities, and countries which are increasingly connected both in cooperation and in conflict. We will look at how these groups of people interact, the international issues which arise from that contact and competition, and the ways in which we could and should respond to the challenges of living in a global society.  Two significant inter-disciplinary projects—the Taking a Stand presentation and the individual research paper—align this course with Quest—World Literature, which is taken at the same time.  

Modern U.S. History: 1890 to the present is a survey course that explores the critical events, issues and personalities that have impacted our development as a nation from the Gilded Age to the contemporary era.  Using a variety of primary and secondary sources, many from the collection of the Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, students interpret, critically analyze and explore the country's past in order to better understand the present.  Several significant inter-disciplinary projects align this course with American Literature, taken concurrently