Junior Workshop is the first phase of the Senior Mastery Process. In this technology rich course, students examine their personal strengths and learning/work styles, explore various career and educational  pathways, develop a set of job search documents and related skills, and begin to prepare for their Senior Practicum in a career area of interest. This intensive course culminates in students completing an extensive personal portfolio which includes a 20-page autobiography, several personal reflection papers, a formal resume, career and college research, and plans for the Practicum placement.  This collection serves as a record of this critical starting point in HFA’s Senior Mastery Process.

The Senior Practicum Experience, part two of the Senior Mastery Process, is a supervised work-based learning experience in which students are placed with an Adult Partner in a local working environment. With the guidance of the Adult Partner and the Senior Practicum Director, students engage in meaningful learning and work activities, research a specific question about issues that are intriguing and challenging, as well as gain valuable experience in a career of their interest. Students must complete 75 hours of fieldwork in order to fulfill the Senior Practicum requirements.  

Senior Workshop is the final phase of the three-part Senior Mastery Process in which students finalize their research process to answer a focus question related to their area on career interest, write an extensive reflective paper and prepare for their Senior Defense.  Each student must give a formal 30-minute presentation to a diverse evaluation committee in which they share a detailed description of their Practicum experience and future plans, explain their research process, discuss their conclusions, and respond to critical questions from the audience.  Successful completion of the Defense is mandatory for graduation from HFA.